Ancol-econusa spread 1 ton green mussel seedlings into ancol waters

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Taman Impian Jaya Ancol in collaboration with EcoNusa Foundation spread 1 ton of green mussels seeds into Ancol waters to protect the climate and commemorate the Indonesian Youth Pledge Day on Thursday, October 28.

“Ancol welcomes this action and is delighted to be a part of ‘Youth Action to Protect the Climate’ event. Ancol is not only a tourist destination, but also a part of Jakarta green open space that continuously provides education about the environment to visitors,” said Ancol Director Budi Aryanto in a press conference on Thursday.

The activity with the theme of ‘Youth Action to Protect the Climate’ aimed to promote six messages such as ‘Protect the Climate from Home’, ‘Green Earth for the Climate’, ‘Blue Sea for the Climate’, ‘ Green Lifestyle for the Climate’, ‘Art for the Climate’, and ‘Collaboration for the Climate’.

Budi explained that the green mussels are the natural filter feeder that can improve sea water quality. Ancol Management has been running the Green Mussels Restoration program since 2018.

Based on the experiment run by Ancol Conservation Team, five kilograms of green mussels can filter 50 liters of dirty sea water in an hour. It is hoped that trough this activity, the green mussels population in Ancol waters could return. So it could give positive impacts to the water quality and increase the marine life.

Ancol also planned to plant 100 trees in Allianz Ecopark, in order to increase the number of city forest in Jakarta. It is also aimed to reduce pollution and improve the air quality, restore biodiversity, grow the local ecosystem and improve people’s awareness of the importance of city forests.

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Meanwhile, CEO of EcoNusa Foundation, Bustar Maitar, said the commemoration of Indonesian Youth Pledge is an important moment for Indonesian young people to rally together to preserve the sea and forest especially in the eastern part of the country. “In collaboration with the ‘Youth Action to Protect the Climate’, EcoNusa Foundation hopes many youngsters will be encouraged and speak up to raise awareness for the climate crisis we face,” said Bustar.

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