Lee min ho girlfriend, ex-girlfriend list and wife 2021

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Who is Lee Min Ho girlfriend and ex lovers in real life?

Who has he dated?

Is he married?

Who is his wife?

Read details about his present and past relationship and vote below for your favorite match for Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho (Hangul: 이민호) is a South Korean actor and model. He was born on June 22, 1987.

Korean celebrity Lee Min seems to be a man on the rise. Not only is he shining in his acting and singing careers but his love life seems to be glittering too. For those who have been asking about Lee Min Ho girlfriend, you will be more or less surprised to learn that he has a very beautiful woman in his life.

His charm and success cannot be denied. Lee Min Ho has been linked with several ladies, most often actresses.

Read on to find out who the lucky lady is.

Lee Min Ho Girlfriend

Previously linked to Korean actress Park Min-Young, Lee is now currently single after a rumored break up with his recent girlfriend Suzy bae.

Bae is an actress and a member of Korean Chinese girl group Miss A.

Concerning Bae and Lee’s relationship, the couple began dating in 2015. Sources privy to their romance however say that Lee arranged to meet Bar after seeing her onscreen and liking what he saw. It is not until March this year that Lee confirmed the relationship during a media interview.

Lee Min Ho and Suzy’s relationship is a subject of much interest in both mainstream and social media. The sensational couple usually make time to spend together amidst their busy schedules. You can find pictures of their love life and lifestyle in their respective social media accounts.

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Lee Min Ho is single. Suzy Bae and Lee Min ho was recently breaking up from long relationship. The rumored reason for the splits is time for each other due to their schedule which further leads to break up.

Lee Min Ho talked about his type of women he looking for.

” I like a women that is Cute, lovely and cheerful girl. A women who understands herself and cherishes herself  and a woman who is full of self-confidence and charming.”

Follow Lee Min Ho’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts to get updated about his love life.

Lee Min Ho Gilfriend, Dating and Ex-Girlfriends List

A long list is to be filled in detailing all of Lee Min Ho’s girlfriends. Some may not be included due to privacy issues, but what we know is that he once dated  Suzy Bae,  Jang Mee Hee, Park Shin Hye, Kang Min Kyung of Davichi, who is also a K drama actress and Park Min Young who was his leading lady in the drama City Hunter.

A list of  Lee Min ho’s confirmed and rumored relationship:

  • Park Shin Hye

  • Park Min Young
  • Jang Mee Hee
  • Kang Min Kyung
  • Suzy Bae
  • Kim Go eun
  • Yeonwoo

Lets talk about each of these beautiful ladies regarding with their relationship to Lee Min Ho:

Just like many other celebrities, Yeonwoo has found herself involved in numerous dating rumors. Although, most end up being false, this doesn’t hold back fans from looking for proof to try to prove otherwise.

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye was also one of those rumored as his girlfriend, and although they never truly confirmed their relationship status, their happiness during their frequent outings could never be denied.

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The rumors was started during Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho’s tv drama project “The Heirs”, Reported by Chinese media that they dated for 2 Months before Lee & Min’s agency discredited the rumors as ridiculous and 300% untrue.

Status: Rumored.

Park Min Young

MEET: Park Min Young Boyfriend | Ex-boyfriend | Husband

Park Min Young is Lee Min Ho’s ex girlfriend. Min Young and Lee Min Ho performed together in the drama City Hunter. The couple began to date in 2011 and they broke up after only five Months.

Status: Confirmed.

Jang Mee Hee

Rumored relationship between Min ho and Jang Mee Hee, However, Lee Min Ho’s agency has denied the relationship between the two.

Status: Rumored.

Kang Min Kyung

Lee Min Ho’s representative clarifyrumored relationship between Min ho and Kang Min Kyung:

“Those rumours are not true.”

Status: Rumored.

Suzy Bae

Lee min Ho and Suzy Bae formally approved their relationship by both of their offices in March 2015. After on month of relationship, Suzy Bae describe Min ho as a person who is full of empathy and a warm heart.

Status: Confirmed

Kim Go Eun

The King: Eternal Monarch cast Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ho are among the most talked celebrities in Asia with their amazing chemistry on screen. They are good friends off cam.

The screen couple enjoyed their first official date in the Republic of Korea in SBS’s “The King: Eternal Monarch”!. The scene was filmed in April at a park in Yeonsu District in Incheon.

Status: Friends


Yeonwoo in white dress

We’re going to be sharing with you Yeonwoo’s most recent dating rumor, involving South Korean actor Lee Min-ho.

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In 2021 a South Korean gossip site shared that Yeonwoo and Lee Min-ho have been dating for five months, even spending Yeonwoo’s birthday together. On this special day, Lee Min-ho picked up Yeonwoo with his car, taking her to their planned movie date.

However, not a moment too soon, Lee Min-ho’s agency reached out to the public explaining that the two are just acquaintances and that the rumors are false. A little while after, Yeonwoo’s agency said the same thing.

Read: Yeonwoo dating history.

Status: Rumored.

Lee Min Ho Wife / Marriage

Time and time again, Lee Min Ho has been the subject of rumors touching on his marital status. There was a rumor sometimes back saying that he was set to get married.

The couple never came out to talk about this but then, fresh rumors emerged that Bae had said no to Lee’s marriage proposal saying that settling down wasn’t in her immediate plans.

“It will happen at the right time.”

Whatever the real score is, what is certain is that the two are very much in love and are willing to show the world that they are really smitten.

Lee Min ho was about to marry Suzy Bae his girlfriend but it failed due to unknown reason.

Who do you think The best match for Lee Min Ho as his girlfriend or Future wife? 

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