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–oo–Profile Choi Ji Woo–oo–

Gender : Female

Nationality : South

Korea Location : South_Korea

Place of Birth : South_Korea,Pusan

Date of Birth : 1975 / 6 / 11

Chinese Zodiac : Rabbit

Star Sign : Gemini

Height : 173 CM

Weight : 50 KG

Body : 32-23-34 ”

Blood Type : A


Gender : FemaleNationality : SouthKorea Location : South_KoreaPlace of Birth : South_Korea,PusanDate of Birth : 1975 / 6 / 11Chinese Zodiac : RabbitStar Sign : GeminiHeight : 173 CMWeight : 50 KGBody : 32-23-34 “Blood Type : A

Pusan Soo Yong Elementary

SooYoung Girls High School

DukMoon Girls High School

Pusan Girl University

HanYang University

Theatre/Film majorManagement

CompanySIDUSAdd: HanSung Building, 88, Samsung-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea(135-190)




JiWoo is the younger of two children, with an elder brother. She lives with her parents Choi WoonYong(52), Yun GilJa(50), and her two years older brother who attends graduate school. She recently gained a sister-in-law with her brother’s marriage.

Birth dream

When JiWoo’s mother was pregnant, she dreamt of picking apples from an apple tree and holding them in her dress.


Because of her father who served the military, she had to move around often. Since 6th grade, she lived in Pusan.


MBC 23rd Open Audition (with Ahn JaeWook, Lee MinYoung). Youngest contestant to be selected.


(Because she gets surprised easily, people call her) Bunny


Modern dance, aerobics, horseback riding ski


Window-shopping, watching video, playing DDR

Attraction point


Least confident point

I have a huge hip

Favorite food

She likes all kinds of food. She includes meat in her 3 meals everyday. She doesn’t get tired of meat, even if she eats it all year long.


Protestant-Christian (Seoul,AhpGuJung-Dong Hope Church)


She is lively, yet careful and honest. She is very shy when she meets new people, so she usually hangs around with people she already knows. She has difficulty in making friends quickly. When she is in an awkward situation among new people, her cheeks turn red like a radish. But once she gets intimate, she’s the type who becomes eternally nice to the other. Her core personality is lively and at times flirtatious. She thinks her appeal is her adorability and or cuteness.

Favorite animals

She is a self-proclaimed pet mania. She got a ShiChi puppy as a birthday present from a friend.


She doesn’t prefer strong or provocative scents, but she also doesn’t favor scents that are too calm. She received about 10 perfumes from her friends as presents.

Type of man she wishes to meet

She doesn’t like men who are obsessed with himself and doesn’t treat women right. She likes men who are kind, sensitive, and wise. She likes the character Dicaprio plays in the movie ‘Titanic’.


She wishes to enter marriage after a relationship like that of dramas. If she meets a man who is tough yet caring and understanding, she wants to marry him the next day if that’s possible.

Weak point

She has a short breath and tends to speak quickly. Her speech is faster than her thinking sometimes and gets her tongue-tied, making her pronunciation slip. Recently, she is adjusting her pronunciation by playing her voice back through a new audio recorder.


She has a facial mask that portrays both metropolitan and traditional image simultaneously. People say she looks good with her hair split in the center.

Preferred fashion

Avoiding extravagant clothing, she likes to wear simple and modern clothing with pants. When not filming, she usually wears jean pants and t-shirts.


Always visits the powder room before filming.

Figure and skin management

She works out with a hula-hoop and a running machine at home. She doesn’t like playing or watching sports that much.

Her beauty shop

Lee KyungMin hair shop in AhpGuJungDong

Karaoke favorite

She knows most of then popular dance songs. She often sings songs from Cool such as ‘AeSang’ and ‘Misery’. When she feels the need to liven up the mood among veteran actors, she sings old songs such as ‘JaeBiChuRum’. So she knows many trot standards such ‘NamHangYulCha’.

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Debut work and Isabelle Adjani Contest

After her debut drama ‘War and Love’, she entered the ‘Isabelle Adjani Contest’, which was open for anyone to try. Because she was already a celebrity, entering the contest was a bit embarrassing. However, she couldn’t help it, because winning the ‘Isabelle Adjani Contest’ meant she could star as one of the character in an upcoming movie called ‘Park BongGhon Runaway Incident’, prepared by ‘Movie World’. Eventually, she was picked as the most Isabelle Adjani look-alike. Although she participated in the ‘Isabelle Adjani Contest’ to receive a role in the movie ‘Park BongGohn Runaway Incident’, calls from several broadcast televisions came as well. Finally, the moment for her spotlight began.


“First Love”. Although she played a small supporting role among many top Korean actors and actresses, her tasteful acting grabbed the audiences’ attention. Choi JiWoo was first asked to play the role of the main character, HyoGyung, which was later played by Lee SuengHyun. Because she already allotted much of her devotion to the movie ‘Park BongGohn Runaway Incident’, she couldn’t accept the main role. Later, she was requested again to star in ‘First Love’ as Bae YongJun’s opposite role, SukHee, which she accepted.

Most difficult time

Once, she was cast as the main female role in the movie “GhiChunDo”, but because the crew and director suddenly changed, she had to leave the movie. Luckily, her manager had a personal relationship with the lead male role of the film, Kim MinJong. With that, she concentrated on her role and got to work. She didn’t even mind having to write 10 pages of report everyday on the feeling of acting (pertaining to her role). However, the director changed to Lee KyungYoung from Shim SuengBo, and she had to leave ‘GhiChunDo’, despite having already filmed 7 of the scenes. As soon as she got home, she says she cried for 5 straight days, aching.

Positive & negative criticisms

Positive criticism- Some say they can sense maturity from me. But, I don’t think I am old enough to say I’m satisfied with anything. There aren’t any roles I’m dying to play, yet, nor are there any roles I can absolutely do better than others. I think I am at an age where I must do everything with a lot of effort. (Director Jang DuIk said, “She is an actress who has the potential that of an onion, which reveals new things as each layer is pealed.”

Negative criticism- I rarely hear any negative remarks when I am doing CF. But some people think the fact that I act is awkward. I suppose it could be because I haven’t yet done a lot of dramas or movies. And I also dislike hearing that I put my looks upfront. I am not even that pretty.

Favorite actress

For foreign actress, I really like Gwyneth Paltrow. She looks intelligent and cute at the same time, also sexy, and of course, has a lot of handsome boyfriends.. For Korean actress, I like Shim EunHa, because she is a great actress and also pretty.

Close celebrity

Female: Lee MinYoung, Lee HaeYoung, Bada [aka Little JiWoo / from S.E.S] Male: Ahan JaeWook, Ryu ShiWon, Bae YongJun

Things she wants and doesn’t want to do in the first day of dating What she wants to do in the first day of dating is to share a lot of conversation. What she definitely doesn’t want to do in the first day is having skin-ship.

Most valued things

People… This of course includes her mother and father, but it also includes all the people who care for her, her friends. She is very shy around new people, so it takes a long time for her to get close, but once befriended, the relationship lasts very long. Even during school, she didn’t have that many friends. Girls usually like moving in groups, but that doesn’t come easy for her. In groups of about two, three, or six? She still meets up with those friends.

The most feared

Her mother and father. Others tease her by saying that she’s like a six year old. She still tends to lean on her parents a lot. It’s not that she lacks self-reliance… Although she often think that she isn’t very good at decision-making. (I think she is trying to say that she has very disciplinary parents.)

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She has a facial mask that portrays both metropolitan and traditional image simultaneously. People say she looks good with her hair split in the center.

Most used saying

‘Really?’, ‘For real?’.

Times when she feels sexy

I consider myself very sexy. I don’t know why others don’t think that. When do I think I look sexy? Right after a shower, when the smell of soap still remains, and other times of that sort. And when I look exhausted after a hard day of work. I think that makes any man or woman look sexy.”

Her favorite side-dish when drinking

I drink weak alcoholic beverages like cocktail or beer. That’s about it. I don’t choose between side-dishes, because I like most dishes, especially dried fish types (like Hanchi). I like chewy dishes, but nothing as hard as dried squids. Fried dried fish is also good when dipped in Kochujang (Korean chilly pepper paste).

Choi JiWoo’s compliment about Choi JiWoo

She is lovely, comfortable, honest, and is very caring. Princess syndrome? Then I’ll compliment just one thing about myself. It’s that I will always stay the same.

Childhood dream

An actress in a musical. However, since singing is very distant for me, I gave up this dream a long time ago. Although I am willing to star in any kind of genre if the drama or movie is good, I won’t ever work on a musical piece.

Wishful costars

Han SukGyu, Kim SuengWoo

Birth flower

Rose. (Characteristics of people with Rose as their birth flower: They are cool, passionate, and just. Born on June, your flower is the rose. Like the passionate symbolism it carries, provocative and soothing scent is emphasized.)

Birth stone

June’s birth stone is the “pearl”


To become an actress who is kind-hearted and good natured. Although I won’t be satisfied with my present self, I will work hard to hear that I have improved over my older self.

How would you summarize what “Beautiful Days” meant for you?

Compared to other drama-series, there were much more scenes, and this(Beautiful Days) was a production that made me ‘think’ about ‘acting’. Most importantly, it was a work that enabled me to deeply get into the role of my character. Although there were many difficult aspects(to this work), since 6 months of continous filming was new to me, I was really happy while filming. And I am even more happy that even after the drama has ended, people are still showing much love for it(Beautiful Days). Although it’s something that always comes up when a piece of work is over, I am left with much regret; with the thought that I could have done much better… and I honestly want to tell all the fans who are still giving much love(for Beautiful Days) that I thank them.

Even ’til now, fans of ‘Beautifu Days’ are watching replays of the drama-series. By any chance, have you ever watched it again after the broadcast? Which was your most memorable and saddest scene?

I have ‘Beautiful Days” recorded on videotape at home…. When time passes, I’ll probably watch it again. The most memorable scene was the one crying in tears alongside YuJin at home, after meeting JungHyun…. It was filmed for about 6 hours. Later, I ended up at a point of total exhaustion, but because of the emotional charge, I was able to cry with all my strength. I give thanks to the director for emphasizing the scenes that caused much heartaches…. The saddest scene was the one where YuhnSu(JiWoo) shouts to MinChul in her heart, “What am I going to do… I want to live… Save me….” It was so sad that I cried without knowing it…. That was a voice-over, but it hurt so much that even while recording I cried.

After ‘Beautiful Days’, we think that the average age of your fanbase has risen. How do you feel about those fans who are older than you, such as fans who are housewives?

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I am just thankful for the diverse fans who love me, consisting of both younger and old…. I don’t want to separate the fans by their agegroup… I just want to live gratefully…. I believe that it’s probably because of the ones who love me that ChoiJiWoo exists….

Recently, what are the things that makes JiWoo most happy? And what are the things that makes you worry?

I am happy because of the many people who still loves and hasn’t forgotten ‘Beautiful Days’, and for gaining more persons who support me…and I am joyful for the new sites on the Internet…. I give thanks to all the people involved on the sites and I ask for forgiveness for the lack of participation due to being computer-iliterate… I only hope that my efforts can be viewed positively…. There are no major problems to overcome, yet. I just want to get closer to my fans by giving better performance by choosing the next work well.

Have you recently traveled? Where and with whom? How was your trip?

I did not take any foreign trips in particular… There were many short ones for work… I think the trip to Pusan with my family was all… I went to Taiwan to promote “Beautiful Days”…But, as said, it was strictly for promotion and no play… After promoting energetically for the entire day, I came back… They(Taiwan) showed much love for me and I really give thanks to them….

When acting, do you believe that the acting ability of the person you act with affects your acting? If so, how much? And when does this help?

I think it contributes a lot… Because I still lack a great deal, I am just thankful for the other actors who lead me with their acting… I think when the other is a better actor, concentrating my emotions become easier… The lucky thing is that most actors whom I worked with were great actors, and so I give much thanks to them…

What kind of standard have you set when reading monitored comments about your acting? Especially when negative remarks are made?

Words from people around me are a lot of help… I am reading deeper into suggestions… When I hear people say that my acting has improved, it unknowingly strengthens me…and I become shy… Because I feel that I lack a lot, I just say to myself that I must work harder when I read those comments…rethinking…

When time comes, what kind of actress would you like to be remembered as? What kind of actress would you like to become?

I said this before long time ago… I think all actors think this way: an actor long remembered… As for musicians, The Beetles, for example… Not all have seen or heard them in person, but their music and their name is remembered by everyone around the world. When you say Marilyn Monroe, she is remembered as the sex icon… I want to be remembered as the hard working Choi JiWoo… To make that come true, I think I have to put much more effort into acting…

As you got older, I’m sure your ideal man has changed. What is the difference between your ideal man from when you were younger and now?

I want to meet a man who loves me a lot… When I was younger, appearance over weighed everything else… Of course it would be nice if he also looks good…but…I think married people can agree to what I have to say… (JiWoo was never married. She is trying to say that most married people tell her that what counts the most is personality.) I want to meet someone I can deeply love, and someone who loves me greatly and cares for me…

If you had a quarrel with your love, how would you resolve it?

I think being charming and cute will work… I think a woman’s greatest weapon is charm and tears^^

Guerilla Date – Choi Jiwoo (Entertainment Weekly / 2016.02.12)

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